Road Trip

by Amanda McCarthy

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Amanda McCarthy's debut full-length album, Road Trip, is a concept/story album encompassing her tendencies to use travel and daydreaming as a means of running away from her problems... until that doesn't work anymore.


released June 7, 2019

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 14 produced by Kristian Veech

Tracks 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, and 12 produced by Karl Anderson


all rights reserved



Amanda McCarthy Londonderry, New Hampshire

Southern NH // Boston, MA -- Undeniably pop, with an alternative rock twist, a dash of Nashville, and the heart of an old soul.

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Track Name: Idaho
I'm tired of living my life among the enemy lines
I'm sick of seeing the world through everybody else's eyes
And there's a devil on my shoulder
Telling me all I don't want to hear
I've spent my whole life drowning in the lies
But I'm done with cowering in fear

I need that push to jump
I want to fall from the ledge
It's time for me to fly
Instead of standing on the edge
Don't save me now

You say to follow my dreams but I'm still under your wing
I know this one horse town won't teach me anything
But as the nights were growing colder
I was content with a few miles down the road
But now the nights are growing warmer
And the angels are telling me to go


It's not your place to tell me off
Because these dreams are all I've got
I'll only waste another day
If I keep living life your way
I'm losing time and losing faith
The longer that I hesitate
You have no problem speaking your mind
It's finally time that I speak mine

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Elephant in the Room
It seems we have ourselves a little situation
Just a bit of an alienation
Conflict of interest, crash landing at best
Pushin' and pullin' and kickin' and screamin'
All in my head but you don't know the reason
It's like a bad drug boiling in my blood

Still contemplating excuses for waiting
The consequence it lays
On the words I know I'll never say

So what do I do when there's an elephant in the room?
An unexpected rendezvous, seems to me I spoke too soon
Oh what do I say when it's rack-rack-racking upon my brain
I can't lie to hide the truth anymore
You're just not what I'm looking for

I never thought I'd have to be the one to tell you
Break it down after all that we've been through
Thought that you'd get it, don't sweat it, forget it
My face is turning red and now my tummy's turning green
I'm afraid I might say something I don't quite mean
There's no pretending for a happy ending

Still contemplating excuses for waiting
The consequence it lays
On the words I know I'll never say


Still contemplating excuses for waiting
My sanity it lays
On the words I know I'll never say

Track Name: On the Border
I guess that you could say that I'm addicted
I guess that you could say that I'm conflicted
Take a train along the coast
Sing the songs we love the most
John and Taylor on the radio

Maybe we could stay here for a while
Maybe we could walk another mile
Let's go somewhere all alone
Turning off the telephone
Little hideaway to call our own

Show me one more memory I'll miss
You can find me in a summer song
If you steal another kiss
We'll be somewhere on the border with nothing left to lose
Don't care where along the border
Just as long as I'm with you

Take the road that leads us to the mountains
Take the road that leads us to the stars
Way up North where city lights
Won't disturb your lullabies
Constellations line the Northern skies


Maybe we could head to Nova Scotia
Maybe we could head to Montreal
Maybe we'll find solace in Toronto
Maybe we'll never settle down at all

We'll be somewhere on the border with nothing left to lose
Don't care where along the border
Just as long as I'm, long as I'm with you
Track Name: Folk Song
I'm sick of writing pop songs, I'm sick of trying to be
Something that feels so wrong as profit can be seen
I'm so sick of competing for a trophy title life
I'm not a Type A personality with a superficial mind

I think I'll write a folk song, it's not that catchy
It's not marketable, it's not about anything
It may not win a Grammy, it may not ever count
But it means something to me
I guess that's what it's all about

I'm sick of writing rock songs that aren't given a chance
I don't have the right body or the right part in my pants
I'll never be on Warped Tour even though I'd love to be
But I'm just another chick with a guitar
Who won't be taken seriously


You can't fit me in a box
I'm not a one girl kinda show
And I refuse to be something I'm not
I wanna wear my Converse, and my SnapBack
And my flower dress all at once
I don't know what I'm doing, but at least I'm having fun

I think I'll write a folk song, it won't go viral
But I can't lose myself again
It's time to check my vitals

Track Name: Can't Look Back
This pretty smile might suggest that I'm alright but I confess
You're putting my heart to the test and baby I'm a mess
The load is lying on my spine, I tell them all that I'm just fine
But I can't get you off my mind after all this time

And I can't look back on the road that I've traveled
Chose my path and the story unraveled
I wouldn't change a thing, but I still feel it sting

These thoughts are turning around, turning around
And running right back to you
My heart is calling you out from the inside out
Knowing I must hide the truth
And what a shame, the one that got away
Always seems to be the one who never knew
But these words will never find their way to you

The silence kills me but I know I had my shot and let it go
And now the feelings live aglow, they haunt me like a ghost
He loves me more than words can say, but my heart pulls the other way
I see the soul that I could save and you're a tidal wave

And I can't look back on the road that I've traveled
Chose my path and the story unraveled
I wouldn't change a thing, but I still feel it sting


And I can't look back on the road that I've traveled
Chose my path and the story unraveled
I run and run but it's no use 'cause I can't run away from you

And what a shame, the things we hide away
Always find the heart just a little too late

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Secret Love
Should've seen it coming from lightyears away
Should've made you go but instead I begged you to stay
And the stars aligned two parallel hearts gone astray
Not a moment too soon under the Atlantic moon

I'm a sucker for predictable go-with-the-flow
Boy meets girl and the rest you already know
But we heard from the crowd it's just not allowed
So we shut it down and it's over now
But the passenger seat keeps screaming, "Baby let's go"

And we'll run, run, run away
Run away down the interstate
You can tag, tag, tag along, I don't mind
Yeah we'll keep quiet in the summer rain
Nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain
So let's break the rules and blur the lines tonight
Secret love of mine

Take my hand and the world will go into combat mode
Kiss me once and the universe might explode
I'm no astronaut but I know it's true
There's no room in the galaxy for me and you
But I don't like being told what to do
Let's take a shot on the rocks tonight


New York is the first place they'll come lookin'
So we'll head to New Orleans and see what's cookin'
Head for the music in Alabama
Check out the races in Indiana

Jump from the Rockies to the Salty Lake
Better start praying you won't be late
Stop in Ohio for some rock 'n roll
Alaska's nice, I won't keep you cold

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
But I'll meet you down by the Carolina shore
Philly to Cali, Seattle to Austin
I don't care as long as it's not Boston

Track Name: If I Were President (Interlude)
If I were President of the United States
Could I say whatever I wanna say?
Do all I wanna do, no repercussions

If I were Queen of Yugoslavia
Could I fuck shit up and then get off Scott free
Why don't you tell me...

How we're getting by in society
Feeding the hypocrisy
And dare to say it's better to give than it is to receive
We fight the animosity
But it only seems that history repeats itself
So with a shrug we say "What the Hell"
And oh well

If I were Emperor of ancient Japan
Could I kill any woman or man
With the wave of my hand, no skin off my nose?

And there are people dying in London and France
But we're too caught up on what people hide in their pants
I'll never understand


You know it all too well
With a shrug we say "What the Hell"
And oh well
Track Name: San Diego
Another year goes by, you look me in the eye
And we both know
Tomorrow comes anew, and I will come unglued
'Cause we both know

When you take off in the morning
The rain will hide the light
If things could just be different
Maybe we could win the fight

Maybe we could fly away to San Diego
Explore another universe just for you and me
Maybe we could fly away to San Diego
Take my hand on the boulevard
And dance with me on the beach
Where no one has a hold on me
And you could be who you wanna be
And nothing else would ever come between
Us and San Diego

How could I be so bold to fall for fooler's gold?
I didn't know
You won't be back for me like in the fantasy
That I let go

When you call me in the afternoon
I'll say that I'm alright
But secretly I'll be here wishing
That you might miss your flight


So don't let go
I'll leave the life I know

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Tiki Bar
Scorpion bowl for one, pretty please
Cherry on top, sun in the trees
Open seat next to me
But I don't care, no

Hopped on a plane, kicked up my feet
First class runaway living the dream
Drunk by quarter to three
But I don't care, no

He left me at the wedding
I went and lost my mind
But I got a one way ticket
To a blessing in disguise

Now I'm singing like, woah, I'd rather be alone
I'd rather be tomorrow's night than yesterday's goodbye
Now I'm singing like, hey, I best be on my way
Because I've got a date at a tiki bar with me, myself and I
Aloha and goodnight

Tossed my phone out into the sea
Cute bartender looking at me
I think I lost my ring
But I don't care, no

Pineapple sun, ocean blue
Running stag on the honeymoon
They're asking what happened to you
But I don't care, no

Fire at the alter, flowers in the sky
Lightin' up the luau
Give me the rum and I will be just fine


I don't want to leave this island fantasy
Real life's calling to me
But I don't care, no

Track Name: Fusion
You can't give back what you took from me
You stole it before I could say no
I can't escape from the memories
You think by now I'd learn to let you go
Why can't I let you go?

This is my confession, my secret obsession
Of running from the past
You have been following me for years now
How do you keep up so fast?
Why won't you leave me alone?
Why won't you let me go home?
I hope you feel the guilt
Of knowing my soul is fused to your own

You can't take back all the words you said
Lingering inside my head
You swore you'd never hurt me, you'd never make me cry
How could I believe such a filthy lie?
Why'd you have to lie?


You thought I would live under your control
Dig myself into a deeper hole
I bet you believed I'd never get away
Never see the light of a new day
I can only pray I get there someday

Track Name: Solo
Your voice still echoes inside my car radio
Still spinning a forgotten soundtrack
From the nights only we would know
And it wouldn't have been such a bitter end
If I just could've called you my friend

But now the stereo is silent and the music only plays
In the few remaining photographs I've been staring at for days
You'll still hear me singing even though the song is through
I guess I'm flying solo, but it all sounded better with you

Your voice still echoes, but I can't see you in the crowd
Our skies once filled with rainbows
Have faded away to gray along with the clouds
And though you caused it, I'll take it all in stride
'Cause tomorrow's the greatest day of my life


Like an astronaut under the sea, I feel so out of place
And I miss the boy who'd sing with me when the sunset seized the day
But the summer nights grew colder, and you foolishly bolder
I know I'm getting older, but I'm still looking over my shoulder

Now the stereo is silent and the music only plays
In the same three fucking photographs
They're driving me insane
If you find me in the crowd, you don't have to say my name
If you give me just one smile
I'll pretend we're still the same
And all I need is your melody on repeat for one more day

I guess I'm flying solo
But it all sounded better with you
Track Name: Just One Night
Come a little bit closer, and don't mind if I say
We're both getting older, and it's getting late
You shouldn't be driving, maybe you could stay
And one night together may be all it takes

To rid myself of any thought I'd ever think of you
To silence all the symphonies playing my heart strings for you
To make me realize love isn't all it's cracked up to be
To be content that you don't need to be the one for me

I just need one night, one night, one night (x4)

Let's get out of the city, let's go somewhere else
I know you can't save me, but I don't wanna save myself
Chemistry moves me, leaves me hypnotized
And there's just no denying what goes on when I catch your eye

My heart will race and I'll misplace priorities tonight
I'm tossing, turning, wishing, yearning, wonder what it's like
To strip it down and play around, your body next to mine
So pull me closer, bring me over to the other side


Don't let me go now, tomorrow we'll say goodbye
If we can't fall in love, I'll see you in another life

(Chorus) x2

Let's get out of the city, I know you can't save me
Let's get out of the city, I know you can't save me
Come a little bit closer
Track Name: Somewhere in Syracuse
He shows me his hometown, driving way too fast
Young eyes radiating pride and a glimpse into the past
He laughs like his father, loves like his mother
Knows the back roads like the back of his hand

Young and dumb and a little bit naive
But that silver spirit taught him how to dream

There's a little boy I know somewhere out in Syracuse
There's a heart of gold that's grown
One day he will know the truth
Growing up is a funny game
But he lives for the rhythm in his brain
The southern skyline lights the way back home

But his heart was craving adventure, screaming now or neer
Before he knew it, he was walking New York City streets
Decided to hawk it with dreams in his pocket
Fate came knockin', he couldn't chalk it up to nothin'

The highway sky lit something up inside
He fell in love with chasing another life

There's a dreamer all alone somewhere out in Syracuse
He'll carve a pathway all his own
He'll question all he knows is true
Complacency is one cheap bet
When you're strangled by a safety net
There must be more to life than what's at home

He found his way to the Hudson as the summer air grew cold
Homesick nights were few and far between
Towers and trials and thousands of miles manifested hope
To find the man that he was meant to be

There's a little boy I know
There's a dreamer all alone

There's a man I love and know
He came to me from Syracuse
He'll never leave me alone
Everybody knows the truth
Despite the dark Manhattan nights
Every red light has a brightside
Kiss me quick before it turns to green
The city lights have brought him home to me

Tell that little boy that dreams come true
Somewhere out in Syracuse

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